Build better products!

Monitor the main KPIs of your SaaS, gain insights, analyze possible Churns and Upsells.

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See what we already do (and what we will still do to help you).

NPS Score

Monitor your SaaS NPS, monitor all indicators in real-time and make the best decisions.

User Activity

Track everything that users do in your software with precision and agility.

Engagement & Retention

Analyze your product's usage and retention indicators to increase usability, usage time and predict possible churns.


Coming soon

We help you with all the indicators and insigths where the main points of improvement are, lack of communication with your customers, product adjustments and launch of the right features.


Integrate with the software you use on a daily basis and monitor your product indicators in a 360.

Coming soon


Your data is yours. Use the API to use them the way you want, when and where you want.

Coming soon

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